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Back on the Wall

Since 2009, when I started this blog, my mom was still in the beginning stages of her terminal illnesses.

It was such an intense three years, that I completely forgot that I started this blog. Until today.

I even had it listed on all my email messages. Somehow it seems like another lifetime ago.

Here I am, though, with my back on the wall. It is not a bad thing. Walls offer structure, boundaries, and support.

Walls provide a necessary break from the barrage of internet and human interactions.
And hell, if you didn’t have your firewall up now, McAfee or Norton or Windows would surely flashing you a  warning window or two or three.

I wrote my book, Yoga at Your Wall, in 2009 in Tulum, MX while suffering from an undiagnosed hypo-thyroid condition called Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. I was one in the 50% of cases that get vertigo as a symptom.

So appropriate for someone writing a book called Yoga at Your Wall, no? With vertigo and dizziness that would come and go for months, even years now, the wall was the best place for me to practice.

It was not a fun time. I hit my head on the inside of the refrigerator a lot. I felt like I was walking sideways.

I made it through and can now practice without the wall. The wall was my friend. Walls are my friends.

Stephanie Pappas, Author Yoga At Your Wall

Yoga at Your Wall, Tulum, Mexico



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